Monday, January 18, 2010

When Using the Word FEAR Goes Wrong

A quick hit:

I just linked to a story where Eric Byrnes has interest in playing for the San Francisco Giants. I only cared about the first part since it was relative to the post. I read a little bit further and found this wonderful quote from Randy Winn about Aubrey Huff:

"This is a tough park to be a home-run hitter, to put up 30, 40 home runs, but I think he can hit 20 home runs and, more importantly, be a feared RBI guy," Winn said. "I think that's more important. I know he didn't have a good year last year, but he's been a guy who's driven in 100 runs."

First off, I don't expect Winn to know that RBI is a stupid stat to measure a hitter. But feared RBI guy? Aubrey Huff? You want Aubrey Huff to be a feared RBI guy? Even Jim Rice and Andre Dawson are laughing. Can I start the Aubrey Huff hall of fame campaign now?

Well, let's take a look at Aubrey Huff, Hall of Fear career:

The Slash Stats: .282/.340/.472 with a 113 OPS+

Last Four Seasons OPS+: 81, 137, 103 and 108

Huff is a guy who will start the season at 33 and coming off an 81 OPS+ and a .310 OBP. Granted, he shouldn't be as bad as those numbers, but it would be absurd to think he will have a 137 OPS+ season. The Giants are getting an average hitter. Average hitters are not feared.

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