Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ken Griffey Keeps Clean Legacy With Injuries

Ken Griffey Jr. is ready and ripped for this season. On a personal level, I do want him to succeed. I'm not going to analyze his season last year or his projections for this year. One thing that caught my eye, however, was this comment from crazyjdawg91 in the comments section:

"and just think if, he had stooped to the level of AFraud, Barroid, and McWired, who knows how many fewer injuries he would have had and how many home runs he would have had. Kudos for Griffey keeping his legacy clean and place in baseball history intact."

According to crazyjdawg91, Alex Rodriguez, Barry Bonds and Mark McGwire were bad people because they took steroids to stay on the field.* He would rather see superstar Ken Griffey Jr. on the disabled list than on steroids and out on the field producing and helping his team. Interesting logic...

*While I appreciate McGwire admitting steroid usage, I don't buy that he took steroids to stay on the field. That doesn't make sense to me. I would think that he should be going to a doctor to get treatment and not receiving treatment from a gym spotter.

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