Sunday, February 8, 2009

What does Alex Rodriguez have to say?

Imagine waking up Saturday morning and going to to see this.

Talk about unexpected. Of course, immediately, sensationalism comes way of Buster Olney and his rant on A-rod's legacy tarnished. I'm not sure why people are all caught up in legacy to begin with. Let's enjoy the game and not worry about legacies.

The most rational story came from Rob Neyer. We hope he didn't do steroids, but regardless of the outcome, he's still one of the best players. It's rather odd that Barry Bonds and his still massive on base percentage, slugging percentage and head couldn't get a one year contract last year when really bad players like Gregg Zaun, who was mentioned on the Mitchell Report, sign a contract with the Baltimore Orioles.

For some reason we hold athletes and celebrities to some high moral standard. We should not idolize them or be envious of them. We watch them for entertainment. Baseball now has strict penalties for those who get busted. So it would be completely foolish to take steroids (or get caught) these days. Back then, what's the penalty? Illegal? Sure. But if there is no penalty, what's the harm?

Where do we go from here? It should be an interesting next couple weeks. I expect columnist to praise moral values and condemn him. I expect many readers to think they are creative and post reader comments saying "A-roid." I am curious for A-rod's response. I am curious to see the names of the other 103 players. I wonder what Bonds and Roger Clemens are thinking. Stay tuned.