Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Introducing Klee Irwin

Certainly I am not a fan of this type of humor, however, I find this to be the most amusing thing on television. It's a clip from the infomercial for Dual Action Cleanse starring Klee Irwin. Besides sporting a greasy mullet and a questionable mustache, you've got to imagine how awkward it is to chat with him in social settings.

Here is what Paul Lucas wrote on his review of the infomercial:

"An example of what goes on in this infomercial can be seen when they take the call of a man named Gary who says, "I just don't feel perfect…I feel like something is missing. Do you think this product could help me?"

To which Klee replies, "Gary, let me ask you a question: Do you have kids?"

"...Yes," Gary responds suspiciously.

Klee then asks the question on everyone's mind, "Are your bowel movements the same size and length as theirs are?"

"Absolutely not!" Gary says with conviction.

If this guy is going around measuring and weighing his kids' stools then perhaps he has more serious problems than the state of his colon."

I recommend reading the whole review and watching the clips on YouTube. Paul Lucas displays tremendous wit and really captured the sillyness of this infomercial.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Torre's Mistake

Before I criticize Los Angeles Dodgers manager Joe Torre, I will give him props for not playing the overpaid, overrated and washed-up players that general manager Ned Colletti has signed. Torre smartly played the young, productive and emerging stars.

That said, starting Derek Lowe for game 4 was a horrible decision. Check the box score. If you're only going to use Lowe for five innings, then what's the point? During one of the earlier games in the series, the FOX broadcasters interviewed him during the game, and he said that he was going to use Lowe in game four because then he could use him for game seven. What's the point in saving a pitcher for a game that may or may not exist? Did we not learn this last year when Chicago Cubs manager Lou Piniella pulled pitcher Carlos Zambrano out early after only six innings and 85 pitches to save him for a potential game four. The game four never came as the Arizona Diamondbacks shut the Cubs out in three games.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

A John McCain Rally

These are John McCain's supporters:

Okay, so this clip doesn't represent all of McCain supporters, however, there are some people who think this way. In regards to that lady, you can't see her face, but you can see the hair. The Gene Wilder hair just reeks insanity. As for the guy, well, git r done I guess.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Red Sox Will Be In The World Series

Despite the Boston Red Sox currently down 8-6 against the Tampa Bay Rays, the Red Sox are projected to win it all. One key reason is that Jason Bay almost matched Manny Ramirez's production with the Red Sox.

The Red Sox would be locks to win it all if they had a healthy Josh Beckett and Mike Lowell. Mike Lowell's production this year has been slightly above average offensively. However, he is a far better hitter than this guy. With Josh Beckett not healthy, there's a great risk that the Red Sox will play this guy.