Friday, April 4, 2008

New Kids on the Block Reunite

This is a part of my -what's up with them now- series. When news arrises of a one-time star, I will find out what's happening with his/her former castmates or bandmates. The New Kids on the Block are planning a reunion.

From Rolling Stone: "The now-thirtysomething boy band was bombarded by rain-soaked women dressed like teens (many with their actual teenage daughters) as the group announced a new album (due this summer) and a fall tour."

The boy band genre seems to emerge in the later portions of each decade. During the late 80s, we had The New Kids on the Block. During the late 90s, we had Backstreet Boys and NSync. And now, we have a New Kids reunion and a Backstreet Boys reunion.

I don't find the timing of the reunion to be odd considering the fact that:

Donnie Wahlberg has had a so-so movie career

Jordan Knight has been in Vh1's Surreal Life

Joey McIntyre came out with a poorly rated CD nine years ago.

Jonathan Knight and Danny Wood have been doing...

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