Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Brennan Boesch All-Stars

With the All-Star game weeks away, I thought I would compile a list of deserving players who should make the All Star team but may or may not be All-Star worthy. Think of this list in terms of say Chris Coghlan robbing Andrew McCutchen in the Rookie of the Year last year. Sure Coghlan had a nice season and maybe deserved the award, but we knew that it was mildly flukey. Right?

Anyway, this isn't Rookie of the Year debate. I just wanted to post some numbers as of June 27, 2010 and then revisit this at the end of the season. For this post, I am focusing on hitters.

Brennan Boesch: .337/.389/.611 162 OPS+

Paul Konerko: .302/.396/.583 157 OPS+ At 34, he is having a career year, and the last two seasons indicated a downward trend.

Vernon Wells: .281/.336/.562 141 OPS+

Alex Rios: .311/.369//.541 139 OPS+

Corey Hart: .272/.339/.576 144 OPS+ and leads the national league with 18 home runs

Josh Willingham: .277/.408/.498 144 OPS+

Aubrey Huff:
.298/.389/.520 138 OPS+

Kelly Johnson: .264/.366/.494 121 OPS+

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