Sunday, April 11, 2010

Barry Bonds Still a Free Agent

In a year where the Seattle Mariners employ Ken Griffey Jr. and Mike Sweeney as Designated Hitters, fellow old slugger Barry Bonds remains a free agent.

ESPN posts an odd story that briefly glazes over the fact that Bonds isn't retired and highlights how "proud" Bonds is of Mark McGwire and his steroids admission.

Whatever Bonds did or didn't do, he still was a great hitter the last year he played. A quick glance at his stats:

2007: .276/.480/.565 in 126 games

2006: .270/.454/.545 in 130 games

I get that he hasn't played the last two seasons, but why was he unemployed the last two seasons? He was still getting on base and mashing the ball.

For comparison, here are Ken Griffey Jr.'s slash stats:

2009: .214/.324/.411 in 117 games

2008: .249/.353/.424 in 143 games

For those who say that this is a steroid thing, keep in mind that Jason Giambi and Gregg Zaun are still employed.

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