Monday, October 13, 2008

Torre's Mistake

Before I criticize Los Angeles Dodgers manager Joe Torre, I will give him props for not playing the overpaid, overrated and washed-up players that general manager Ned Colletti has signed. Torre smartly played the young, productive and emerging stars.

That said, starting Derek Lowe for game 4 was a horrible decision. Check the box score. If you're only going to use Lowe for five innings, then what's the point? During one of the earlier games in the series, the FOX broadcasters interviewed him during the game, and he said that he was going to use Lowe in game four because then he could use him for game seven. What's the point in saving a pitcher for a game that may or may not exist? Did we not learn this last year when Chicago Cubs manager Lou Piniella pulled pitcher Carlos Zambrano out early after only six innings and 85 pitches to save him for a potential game four. The game four never came as the Arizona Diamondbacks shut the Cubs out in three games.

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Pats16and0 said...

Congrats on the Rays! Hope they can win it for you. What's up, Ryan? What are you up to? Hit me up.