Monday, December 8, 2008

No, that pun was intended!

Earlier in my blogspot posting days, I wrote a brief commentary about puns.

Well, after reading about the Detroit Tigers landing catcher Gerald Laird, I skimmed the readers comments. One of the most fascinating parts about journalism these days is the instant reader feedback. Anyway, one of our crafty readers said this:

"laird is no big catch no pun intended. in reality there are not many big time catchers out there any more like a bench fisk or pudge in his prime. varitek just turned down arbitration which would have put him at last years 10 million or above does he really believe he is a 10 million dollar player.well i tell you my opinion i have been watching baseball for 3o plus seasons mostly red sox games and he is by far the single worst hitter i have ever seen bar none."

Again, with the no pun intended!! Of course the pun was intended. The dude was smirking his way through that post. Hmmm. Catcher, no big catch. I'm witty!!! Let's write this masterpiece. Balloons come down, confetti sprays throughout the air.

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