Saturday, August 9, 2008

Back To Back CGSO For Brewers Pitchers

Friday Night.


The Brewers have two legitimate aces on their team. Adding tonight's start, Ben Sheets has four complete games and two shut-outs. C. C. Sabathia has four complete games and two shut-outs for the Brewers and seven complete games and four shut-outs overall on the season.

Dan Haren has been great this season for the Diamondbacks. On the year, he has no complete games and shut-outs. This is important because there is a huge drop off between Dan Haren and a Diamondback reliever. Once Haren is out of the game, the chances for the opposing team to score runs increases. The drop off between Sabathia and Sheets and their relief pitcher is huge. With Sabathia and Sheets throwing complete game shut-outs, the opposing team doesn't see the Brewers relievers. This could be huge down the stretch and in the playoffs.

Johan Santana has been great this year for the Mets. He only has 9 wins on the year despite an ERA+ of 144. The Mets bullpen has blown six games started by Santana. Santana has one complete game on the year.

Haren and Santana are both stud pitchers, but it's a great luxury for the Brewers to have Sheets and Sabathia finish games off and not have to use bad relief pitchers.

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